African Minions

Meaning – Those who defy convention. Their achievements benefits others.

We are a socially conscious brand that works towards making a difference in the lives of the African and African diaspora youth.  Our four pillars that define who we, African Minions, are and what we stand for.

  • Resilience
  • Focus
  • Presence
  • Inspiration

The African Minions are a collective of individuals actively contributing towards the progression of Africans and African diaspora people. African Minions are a verb.

We are those who are or have displayed resilience in defying the state of mental captivity that Africans find themselves in. We recognise and celebrate the African Minions mentality that maintains focus on the goals they want to achieve, the African Minions ability to show up (presence) and take ownership of their chosen path and finally, the inspiration they exude a by-product of the founding pillars of mentality that can take one from a position of minion to an African Minion.

Who We Are

African Minions (AM) is an organisation that inspires Africans and African diaspora youth to realise the power they already possess within themselves; to change the status quo and build a better life for themselves in-spite of their history and/or environment.

At the core of the our mission is to reclaim the connotative name of minions usually associated with servitude, inferiority, and oppression. In this context the African Minion is one who defies convention and social injustices to triumph by achieving a feat which benefits not only the minion but the community as well. African Minions are those who heed the call of change by not only improving but changing the status quo.

The Premise

As our predecessors who fought societal injustices, the baton has been passed to us to help make our society a better place.

Using that same spirit of ingenuity, perseverance, and community we can continue the fight by contributing towards the eradication of illiteracy which is directly correlated to poverty. For every shoe that is purchased by the public, a percentage will ensure funding for African Minions’ Social Development Programmes. The first of these programmes will be the payment of school and University fees for under privileged children through a foundation identified by African Minions; Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope.


For every sneaker sold, 5% will go to Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope.. These funds will be allocated towards paying for the children at the Home’s education including scholarships for university (When we started this brand, our hope was  to improve children’s lives in Africa and the Diaspora through education. We came across Home of Hope for girls, and see it as a great fit with our goal as education is key to changing lives and giving hope for African children to know that it is possible for them to change the narrative of their upbringing and/or history to prosper).

The Sneaker

Long Walks will have different sneaker ranges

The first range is aptly called “The Struggle”. Every range of our sneakers will tell a story. The concept of our sneaker is as a storytelling medium for some of the most influential and motivating human triumphs, together with the special design elements that tells a story with every stick, all of which sets Long Walks apart from all the other sneaker brands in the market.

The Struggle Range (Our First/Current Range)

Design Inspiration: This sneaker marks the tumultuous era of the late 1940s and 1950s, a period which which marked the transition to more direct, volatile, and disruptive protest.

It has a strong, bold, and distinctive character reminiscent of the armed struggle. Its design pays homage to some of the core values of what defined the struggle movement from its birth to its peak, i.e. resilience, focus and a powerful presence. which are our key brand pillars and measure of how we identify African Minions who help us carry the struggle forward.


Although the political struggle (freedom) was won, many communities are still afflicted by present day struggles. Rampant unemployment driven by poor quality of education and results keep many communities underdeveloped and impoverished.

How we contribute towards society?

For every sneaker that is purchased, a percentage will go towards Home of Hope.

We will be contributing towards the university education of young disadvantaged African children, starting with Home of Hope. A home in Johannesburg for young girls who have been rescued from illicit drug and sex trafficking rings.


The home gives hope to young girls who have been stripped of their dignity at a young age and shows them that they can make something of themselves while putting the tragedies of the past behind. While it takes a true heroine to deal with reconstructing such livelihoods, on a daily basis, not much can be done without help.


Mama Khanyi is one such heroine who founded the home back in 2000 and she has been running it personally since, she has helped over 10 000 children over the past 18 years and currently houses 79 girls. 

Visit Home of Hope’s website for more info on their work: