Royal Panther

Black out warrior Armour with gold accents. This colourway signifies the worriers that the struggle heroes were, it also represents Gauteng – the city of Gold and Johannesburg, where the Rivonia trial took place.

Ancestral Sunset

Fresh robust colourway inspired by the African sunset when it hits the orange/red clay like African sand. This colourway also represents heritage and the humble beginnings. The grey also represents the grey walls of the prison cells that the struggle heroes were held in (also representing an imprisoned mind that defies convention to carve its own path that are certified indelible).

Blank Canvas

Pure white colourway inspired by the idea of moving on from being people of trauma and suppression to those of triumph, a blank canvas gives us an opportunity to write our own story. Defy convention and build our own narrative.

Sneaker Sizing

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