Order Fulfilment Process

  1. Receiving.

We will fulfil orders in-house, so our inventory will be on-hand.

But later on, once we are a bit more established, we plan on outsourcing fulfilment, so inventory will be sent to the provider that will fulfil on our behalf.

  1. Inventory storage.

For now (to keep costs down) we will store our inventory at our place of residence (in a secure lock up space we’ve set up) which also doubles up as our office space.

Our inventory storage is proper and will keep our products secure and protected and help give us visibility into what is available to ship to our customers.

Later on once we are a bit more established we will store our inventory with the provider that will be fulfilling the orders on our behalf.

  1. Order processing.

Once an order has been submitted, it will get processed.

These steps involve picking and packing and getting the order ready to ship.

We will have custom packaging and inserts to create the intended unboxing experience for the end customer.

Finally, a shipping label will be added to the package.

  1. Shipping.

Once the order has been processed and is ready to send, we will get it shipped.

This will involve a run to our local post office or Postnet but later once we are a bit more established, we will have a carrier pick up the orders from the fulfilment location.

Once the order ships, we will receive tracking info that will be shared with customers to keep them up to date with their deliveries.

  1. Returns’ processing.

If a customer returns an order, we will be prepared to process it.

For now they will be required to ship it directly back to us and later when we are a bit more established they will ship to the fulfilment provider where it will be evaluated.

Depending on the item quality, return reason, and our returns policy, the product will either be restocked as available inventory or disposed of due to malfunction.