Q – What happens after I order? 

A – These are made to order sneakers, which means the shoes are made specifically according to your order. Which also means that production of the shoes begins only after a confirmed customer order is received. In this instance production will only begin at the end of June once the made to order period is closed and all the orders and sizes have been collected.  

Q – When will I receive my shoes?

A – the production process after collecting the orders will take 3 to 4 months. Production will only start the first week of July, after sizes on orders have been confirmed, this means that the production is estimated to be finalized at the end of September or latest end of October. We will keep our customers updated on the progress of production throughout the entire period. 

Q – How do I know that I ordered the correct shoe size?

A – Because our shoes are manufactured in Portugal, our sizes are US sizes instead of the normal SA/UK sizes our South African customers are accustomed to. We have, however, provided you with a shoe chart on our website to help you figure out what your US size is. If you are still not sure, give us a call on 073 325 1509 and we will help you pick the right size. We will also be in contact with everyone that ordered individually to check that you have ordered the correct shoe size. 

Q – What if I receive my shoe and it doesn’t fit me or it is damaged?

A – A lot can happen from the time we receive the shoes to the time we ship them, that’s why we have a return policy in place so you can return or exchange the shoes within our policy terms.